St Anthonys Shrine Catholic Church - Hawthorn
St. Anthony's is a very closeknit parish. The church is very large and beautiful. They offer several masses on Sunday as well as Saturday and daily masses. Beautiful church for weddings.
The feast of St Anthony at Hawthorn is also, in some sense, the feast of Padre Luciano Rochhi OFM Cap, who is responsible for the Italian Apostolate in Melbourne. Manny Candappa penned the following story on Padre Luciano sometime ago.
When Padre Luciano Rocchi arrived in Melbourne for the first time on 12 September 1951, he declared with passion that he had fallen in love with Melbourne. After 50 years of his sojourn here he still retains his northern Italian accent and flamboyant manner.
When he arrived, the chrism of ordination had hardly dried on his hands. Fifty years later he retains the freshness of his first Mass in every Eucharistic celebration. He is a lover of liturgy, the commissioned work of Christ, and of his native pageantry. Indeed few who have visited the shrine of St Anthony on Power Street, Hawthorn and attended a festive celebration of the Eucharist have returned without being elevated in soul, rejuvenated in spirit, and enlivened by the beauty of this house where God dwells, by the eloquent exposition of his Word, and the majesty of the music rendered almost to perfection by a devoted and disciplined choir.
In the worship of his divine master, in his service to the people of God in multifarious ways, in the production of the shrine's bulletin, "IL CAMPANILE" this Franciscan Capuchin friar has immolated himself in a fragrant sacrifice to achieve only the best as far as that is possible in a frail but tough frame.
He was commissioned to serve the Italian community in Melbourne at the very young age of twenty-five. He did that and continues to do so with unmatchable affability and acceptance. But nothing could confine him to any mould. The shrine has been a haven for diverse races and communities, particularly Asian, fervent clients of St Anthony. Padre Luciano is present to all, in good times and bad, in fair weather and foul. Wherever he goes and for whatever reason, he becomes a part of that family that wants him to be there, transcending parish and ethnic boundaries. He will be there for baptisms, house blessings, weddings and funerals.

St Anthonys Shrine Catholic Church - Hawthorn

182 Power Road
Hawthorn VIC 3122
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