Tim P Manger

Civil Marriage Celebrant


As a wedding celebrant, I assist you every step of the way from the moment you contact me, to your departure from your ceremony.

As a Civil Celebrant, I respect all cultural celebrations and beliefs, whilst I’m open to many different ideas and ceremonial interpretations. Furthermore, I can provide couples with a variety of artistic and cultural ideas and information on the many different rituals and traditions that can be included to personalise a wedding ceremony

Included in my portfolio are readings, prose, poetry, blessings, music and symbols. Many of the items in my portfolio are able to be adapted to suit a range of cultural ceremonies, and I’m always expanding my collection with both new and interesting local and international ideas.

In addition to non-denominational ceremonies, I can also incorporate some religious content (if required). This content may be derived from either Catholic or Christian denominations, including traditions originating from Hindu, Muslim, and Jewish denominations (just to name a few).

Whether you are from Fiji, China, Alaska or Brazil (provided that you can legally be married under Australian Law), I can assist you in designing a ceremony that is both rich in local tradition, whilst incorporating a flavour of your own beliefs and culture.

As a public speaker and master of ceremonies, I offer couples a superb skill-set which draws on over 20 years of wedding industry experience.

Whether you are looking for a wedding ceremony that is light hearted, professional or traditional, I can deliver the exact style, theme and character you require.

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Tim P. Manger


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