Sophia & Sven
We loved having Shaun asour wedding photographer. Not only was he great on the day, but the end products - his photos, the album, the DVD andthe thank you cards are superb.On the day we had a lot of fun withShaun as our photographer. He was relaxed, but had a carefully thought-out plan forthe photos, including their location. The time we spent having our photos taken after the ceremony was very special to us, because it enabledus to spend time togethertalking amongst ourselves and enjoying the day whileShaun moved us from location to location and was hard at work at the lens, while also joining in the fun.
The photos from the reception are also amazing - it is clear that Shaun managed to cover a lot of ground - for example during the speeches there are close ups of the speaker and then shots from far across the room. Shaun captured the funand emotionsof the speechesand the crazy dancing on the dance floor. There aresome wonderful cadid shots of us and our guests. Shaun took at least onephoto of each of our guests and gaveus a copy of these to send out with the thank you cards - this was a very special touch which our guests appreciated.A lot of our guests also commented on howgreat Shaun was on the day.
Now, to the products - they are brilliant and show Shaun's dedicated approach to giving you the best. His photos are amazing - they capture all the specialmoments of the day (including times that we did not see!) and bring back vividly all of the memories. The album tells the story of the day and captures the action from walking down the aisle to twisting on the dancefloor.The DVD creatively sets the photos to music, andtells the story in individual stages - we watch it smiling. Our guests loved our thank you card. In addition, we have a CD of gorgeous photos from the day, which as well as including the photos in the album, includes hundreds of photos not in the album which we also loveflicking through.You can tell from all this that we highly recommend Shaun.
Sophia and Sven
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